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Francisco Castro Velasco

Francisco Castro Velasco

Baja California

Phone: +44 7904 314 549

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Email: dolphus88@hotmail.com

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I'm an educated man, with a scientific background in environmental and marine studies, and experienced in field research.

I am very keen in gaining experience in wildlife film media. My experience in this area is short, but I'm intelligent, curious and self- disciplined.

I have participated in different short filmmaking courses, including Wildeye's Wildlife Camera Operator Course in 2014.

In 2015 I visited films@59 for work experience with editors Graham Wild (sound) and Chris Gunningham (grading).

In 2014, I developed a series of short popular sciences articles and a publicity video for "Onca Explorations" Mexican research-ecotourism company.

If you need an assistant runner, or support in a marine monitoring programme, feel free to contact me.

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