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Ester de Roij

Ester de Roij

25 Hermon Street
Nottingham NG7 1LP
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7961 358 417

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Email: esterderoij@gmail.com

Website: www.edrphotography.co.uk

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Ester has a Bacherlors in Biology and a Masters in Biological Photography and Imaging. She speaks 5 different languages (good for getting around those petty legal issues!) and has travelled to 6 different continents, mainly on her own and to less-travelled destinations such as Myanmar, Guyana and Zimbabwe. She is always looking for projects to get involved with and when she does she puts in everything she has.

She is a very people-minded person, who loves to talk and listen. She has worked with people in all different fields, from different cultural backgrounds and with different opinions. She has lived in Belgium, the States, the UK and Japan. She has experience working with a suite of edition programmes and using cameras, so is adaptable for a wide range of roles that shoots may require, and is always up for a new challenge!

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