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Christopher Crooks

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1752 839 528

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Email: christopherjcrooks@gmail.com

Website: www.cjcrooks.com

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As Media Manager for the renowned Bimini Sharklab, I have considerable experience in a number of different roles, including:

  • Filming and producing short promotional videos for the station & environmental advocacy groups (both underwater and topside).
  • Working with production companies on location, providing support and additional camera work (BBC, Passion Pictures, Korean Educational Broadcasting and other international crews).
  • Photography of the marine fauna and daily scientific research, including published images with BBC Nature, National Geographic, and Science Illustrated.
  • Involved in writing and development of a documentary pitch for an indie, which is currently being reviewed by the BBC.
  • As well as writing and publishing an article with the Independent.

With an extensive background in scientific research, self-shooting, and editing, I am looking to now pursue a career in TV production as a researcher/AP and camera operator/DOP.


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