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IWFF founder Dr. Charles Jonkel Dies Aged 85. 

International Wildlife Film Festival (IWFF) and Great Bear Foundation founder Dr. Charles Jonkel passed away on Tuesday the 12th of April, at his home in Missoula.

A message from Mike Steinberg, IWFF Executive Director:

"We are saddened to share the news of the passing of our friend and founder, Dr. Charles Jonkel. Chuck's tremendous work, over a long lifetime to raise awareness of wildlife issues and stand for ethics in filmmaking, is a legacy we proudly carry forward. As the founder of the International Wildlife Film Festival, Chuck gave us all a remarkable gift, the world’s first - and now longest running - wildlife film event. With grand vision, Chuck created the festival as a forum to connect scientists and filmmakers in hopes of creating better films that exemplify truth and ethics in the wildlife film genre. As we embark on the 39th installment of the festival, our thoughts are with Chuck’s family, and we are honored to be able to celebrate Chuck and his indelible legacy."


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39th Annual International Wildlife Film Festival Award Winners Announced
April 2016

Congratulations to the IWFF 39 award winning films.

We are pleased to announce the Award Winners for the 2016 International Wildlife FIlm Festival. The 2016 IWFF Awards took place on Friday, April 22 at Missoula's Wilma Theater.

Newcomer Award

Islands of Creation – Nathan Dappen - USA - 2015 - 48 minutes

In the jungles of a remote archipelago in the South Pacific, a biologist is attempting to do something Charles Darwin and Ernst Mayr never accomplished: catch evolution in the act of creating new species. Albert Uy is on the verge of an amazing discovery in the Solomon Islands, but there’s a threat looming on the horizon. The islands’ resources are being exploited, putting all local wildlife at risk. It’s a race against time to gather the evidence necessary to prove the existence of a new species before it’s lost forever.

Student Award

Medieval Monsters – Oliver Mueller – United Kingdom – 2015 – 10 Minutes

The New Forest of England has remained unchanged for centuries and while many of the country’s ancient beasts have long since vanished, here the creatures of old can still be found. This film captures their lives using macro, slow-motion and time-lapse techniques to reveal behaviours beyond the capabilities of the human eye. Duelling dragonflies, acid-firing ants and jousting stag beetles take centre stage in this world of medieval monsters.

Independent Award

MOOSE: A Year in the Life of a Twig Eater – Susan Fleming – Canada – 2015 – 60 Minutes

This stunningly intimate nature documentary takes viewers deep inside the world of moose to experience a calf’s first year of life up close and personal.

Theatrical Feature Award

The Messenger – Su Rynard – Canada – 2015 – 90 Minutes

Broadcast Feature Award

Yellowstone Oliver Goetzl (Gulo Film Productions) – Germany – 2015 – 55 Minutes

Yellowstone from Gran Paradiso Film Festival

Few places are as special and unique as Yellowstone National Park – America’s first national park. A wilderness jewel of vast forests and wide-open valleys, home to large bison herds, wolf packs and grizzly bears. It sits atop one of the world’s largest active super volcanoes, giving rise to such iconic geothermal features as Old Faithful Geyser and Grand Prismatic Spring. As part of the landmark wildlife series AMERICA’S NATIONAL PARKS, “Yellowstone” was filmed over three years by award-winning filmmakers Oliver Goetzl and Ivo Nörenberg. Using the latest in cinematographic techniques, this film showcases Yellowstone’s extraordinary wildlife and spectacular landscapes like never before!

Broadcast Series Award

Animal Homes – Ann Johnson Prum – USA – 2015 – 55 Minutes

Animals, like humans, need a place they can call home to provide a safe and stable place to raise a family, whether it’s a bird nest, a bear den, a beaver lodge or spider web. This three-part series features a blend of animation and signature “architectural blueprints” that highlight engineering principles inside the structures and demonstrate just how animals around the globe build their remarkable homes. Ecologist Chris Morgan (Siberian Tiger Quest, Bears of the Last Frontier) serves as our guide to the materials, locations, neighborhoods, and aesthetics of these animal homes, as well as the intriguing behaviors and social interactions that take place in and around them.

Human Wildlife Interaction Award

Muerte es Vida (Death is Life) – Ali Alvarez – 2015 – United Kingdom – 70 Minutes

MUERTE ES VIDA is documentary about the connection between death and nature. The film’s central Mexican character, Sabino, believes the millions of Monarch butterflies that arrive every year are the souls of departed family coming back to visit as they arrive in time for Day of the Dead after an epic journey from Canada and the Northern United States. On their migration south they have touched people at their darkest hour of losing a loved one. We meet seven people, from Canada to Mexico, and see how each have dealt with their loss. This film is an honest and human view of loss and shows how Mexican culture deals with death.

Environmental Award

Unnatural Selection Steve Nicholls, Sarah Whalley (Warehouse51/Terra Mater) – Austria – 2013 – 53 Minutes

Unnatural Selection
Unnatural Selection from Terra Mater Factual Studios

The wings of cliff swallows in Nebraska are getting shorter while turtles in Chesapeake Bay are getting larger. On the Galapagos Islands, different species are collapsing back into one. What has happened to evolution? The answer is very simple: us. Humans have transformed the planet beyond recognition – turning grasslands and forests into fields and cities and polluting air and water. And all of these changes have altered the course of evolution, often in surprising ways.

Conservation Award

Red Wolf Revival – Roshan Patel – USA – 2015 – 24 Minutes

Short film about the last remaining wild population of red wolves. Centered on the historic recovery effort in Eastern North Carolina and the state’s declared intent to drive the species to extinction, we document the multifaceted struggle to reintroduce one of the rarest animals on earth in the face of cultural, economic, and biological challenges in North Carolina.

Children & Young Adults Award

A Life in a Day – Colin Scott – 2015 – USA – 5 Minutes

The life of a mayfly is an allegory of our own — you’re born, you struggle, mate, reproduce, and die — except it all happens over the course of a single day. A LIFE IN THE DAY is a four-minute animated short that reminds us that life is brief, beautiful, and meant to be enjoyed.

Best Cinematography Award

Soul of the Elephant – Dereck Joubert, Beverly Joubert – USA – 2015 – 53 Minutes

Ironically, every dead elephant with its ivory intact is a reason to celebrate. It means an elephant died of natural causes, not bullets, snares or poison, and a soul was allowed to be celebrated and mourned by its herd. Award-winning filmmakers, Dereck and Beverly Joubert start with the remains of two bull elephants and through a series of key flashbacks, look at the lives they would have led, the dramas they may have seen, their great migrations for water with their families, and their encounters with lions and hyenas. This film, shot over two years, is an intimate look at elephants through the lens of perhaps the greatest storytellers of natural history.

Best Editing Award

Gardeners of the Forest – Ceylan Carhoglu, Nicole Jordan Webber – USA – 2015 – 15 Minutes

For generations, Laos was known as the Land of a Million Elephants but, as of 2016, there are fewer than 600 elephants left in the wild.

Best Short Film Award

Red Wolf Revival – Roshan Patel – USA – 2015 – 24 Minutes

Best of Fest Award

The MessengerSu Rynard – Canada – 2015 – 90 Minutes


An artful investigation into the causes of songbird mass depletion and the compassionate people who are working to turn the tide. The film takes viewers on a visually stunning journey revealing how the problems facing birds also pose daunting implications for our planet and ourselves.

A big congratulations to all winners, with special back slaps to our members in bold above!

See the full feature page with more trailers here...


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Wildscreen widens its reach by hosting insider’s guide to wildlife film event in Scotland
By Pam Beddard - Wildscreen
5 April 2016

Diary date: 9.30am – 1.30pm Thursday 12 May
Glasgow Science Centre, 50 Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51 1EA

Get insider insight into what it takes to become a wildlife filmmaker from star cameraman and TV presenter Gordon Buchanan and other industry experts when the world’s biggest festival of natural world storytelling WILDSCREEN, brings the first of a new series of outreach events to Scotland.

Wildscreen – the world’s biggest and leading celebration of storytelling about the natural world– will be launching a new series of outreach events on May 12 when it presents an insider’s guide to breaking into the industry at the Glasgow Science Centre, Scotland.

TV presenters Gordon Buchanan and Ben Garrod and the makers of the BBC’s new four-part documentary HIGHLANDS will be among the industry experts leading discussions about the many steps involved in making nature films and the entry opportunities for new and emerging talentThe event is the first to be hosted in Scotland by Wildscreen in its 30+ year history and marks the start of a new approach to outreach.

Wildscreen CEO Lucie Muir explains: “As part Wildscreen’s new strategy, we plan to curate a series of year-round events in and beyond our home base in Bristol, to celebrate, showcase and inspire natural world storytelling talent in different cities and countries. One aim of this will be to encourage and nurture fresh talent. The reason for starting in Scotland is partly that contains a rich treasury of spectacularly film-worthy wildernesses, wildlife and scenery but also that it already has the beginnings of a bright and bubbling natural history film and TV sector that is keen to engage with and develop home-grown talent.”

Scottish cameraman and presenter Gordon Buchanan best known to viewers for his work on BIG CAT DIARY, AUTUMNWATCH, SPRINGWATCH, the LOST LAND series and his ‘...AND ME’ documentaries about wildlife families , added: “When I was trying to get my foot in the door of wildlife filmmaking, attending Wildscreen was essential. Not only did I make contacts that lead to me getting both feet in the door but the whole atmosphere of the festival encouraged me to work as hard as I could be part of this incredible industry. Some of the very best wildlife in the UK can be found in Scotland so it is wonderful that Wildscreen is coming to Glasgow. I am certain the event will inspire all those who attend.”

See the full press release here...


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Available Wildeye Course Places in 2016!

Wildlife Camera Operator Course :: 17-19 June 2016
Introduction to Conservation Film-making :: 15-17 July 2016
Introduction to Wildlife Film-making :: 2–4 September 2016
Gorillas and Chimpanzees in Uganda
:: 14-25 November 2016 – 3 Places Available!
Audio Post Production :: 16-18 December 2016

Visit the hompage for up-to-date availability on all courses:


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Wildeye have several course places available this year... Be sure to check them out!!

The next Wildlife Camera Operator Course, 17-19 June 2016 has places available... Whether you are hoping for a career as a professional wildlife camera operator or want to film wildlife as a fascinating hobby, this course will arm you with the knowledge and techniques to create stunning shots and sequences. As camera technology advances apace it can be difficult to know what equipment to use (and then how to use it!), with a high tutor to student ratio, this course is unique in content and value for money. More here!

Last years' first Introduction to Conservation Film-making was a big sucess with very positive feedback from attendees... The nest dates 15-17 July 2016 have spaces, so join us if you want to make films that make a difference! There are many conservation and environmental issues that could be tackled effectively if only the people involved were informed or educated about the causes and solutions that could make a difference. Films and the Media are some of the most powerful communication tools we have, but we need to make the right films and distribute them to the audience \ decision makers \ community \ corporation \ law enforcers \ government bodies who can create that change. So how do you go about this? More here! Just £295, including all tuition, accommodation and meals!

There's places available on the ever popular Introduction to Wildlife Film-making, 2–4 September 2016 - These weekends, in the heart of Norfolk, provide a unique hands-on introduction to wildlife film-making. The sessions cover all aspects of wildlife film-making with opportunities for practical filming work as well as advice about how to get started and what equipment to use. This course is the perfect start for those wishing to work in the wildlife film-making industry, whether as a camera operator, producer, researcher, script-writer, presenter and so on. It is also suitable for those wishing to pursue wildlife film-making as a fascinating hobby. More here!

Again, last years' first Gorillas and Chimpanzees in Uganda trip went very well, so this it will undoubtably will again this year, 14-25 November 2016 – There are 3 Places Available! Join the Great Ape Adventure (A Wildeye /GAFI Project) - Trek to see/film wild mountian gorillas and chimpanzees in the forests of Uganda, whilst learning about and participating in conservation projects to protect our close relatives. A unique itinerary is planned to give participants an incredible opportunity to see wild great apes and engage in their conservation... More here!

The second Audio Post Production Course wirh Pip Norton & Chris Watson, 16-18 December 2016 has availabilty too... This two-day course explores techniques of editing audio files on a computer and mixing soundtracks. Through demonstration and working on practical tasks you will learn how to create, edit, manipulate and improve sound recordings, and also how they can be effectively combined and mixed together to produce a soundtrack. This could be for a television or radio programme, for installations, movies, video games, CD/audio-file releases or for your own enjoyment. The course includes the creation and production of Foley sound and sound effects, how to record the perfect voice over/narration, and covers the growing area of multi-channel mixing. It is suitable for those who have already taken our Introduction to Wildlife Sound Recording course, or those who already have some experience of audio work. It will also be invaluable for video editors and producers who oversee the post production process. More here!

Check out the homepage for up-to-date availability:


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The Pray - New film from Alex Jones & Emma Blackwell

The Pray will immerse you into the forested world of the dead leaf mantis. This action packed film boasts incredibly unique and dynamic shots. Fly through the forest with flies, witness the cunning behavior between the mantis and the hawk and experience a hunt like you’ve never seen before. Using stunning cinematography we divulge the truth of a catch and behold the incredible way a mantis devours its prey. It’s everything a fantasy movie would have except this time, it’s real. This is an action adventure popcorn movie for wildlife films.

THE PRAY from Alex Jones

Visit their websites: &


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Winners Announced for International Elephant Film Festival 2016
From Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival/CITES
March 2016

Winners announced at UN Headquarters on World Wildlife Day!
International Elephant Film Festival Celebrates World’s Best Elephant Films

The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and the Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) teamed up in organizing an International Elephant Film Festival to raise global awareness of the various challenges facing the African and Asian elephants, as a highlight of UN World Wildlife Day on 3 March. The Festival received more than 250 entries into the film competition, which were reviewed by over 75 preliminary judges over six weeks before the short list was passed on to the final judging panel.

International Elephant Film Festival Trailer from Jackson Hole WILD

"These films connect us in a very personal way to wildlife, observed John E. Scanlon, Secretary General of CITES.” They inspire us all to make sure these magnificent animals survive in the wild. Congratulations to all of the finalists and category winners, and thank you for making this such a memorable World Wildlife Day."

The high-level celebration at UN Headquarters attracted international diplomats and policy-makers as well as conservation, NGO & business partners and filmmakers and included UNEP Goodwill Ambassador/model Gisele Bündchen and Actress/Producer Kristin Davis, whose film Gardeners of Eden won the Elephant Hero category.

The International Elephant Film Festival Winners are:

African Voices
Recognizing excellence in elephant films produced by citizens of African nations.

Elephants Without Borders, Afriscreen Films for BBC and Animal Planet

Asian Elephants
Awarded to the film that most effectively communicates the unique challenges facing Asian Elephants.

Manas: Return of the Giants, Ammonite Ltd. and Kosmik Global

Issues & Solutions
Awarded to the film that most effectively reveals current issues and challenges--most notably the ivory poaching crisis--and communicates solutions to the environmental, social-economic and sustainability issues facing elephant conservation including reducing the demand for illegal ivory in the destination countries.

Explorer: Warlords of Ivory, National Geographic Studios for National Geographic Channels

Elephant Hero
Awarded to the film that most effectively celebrates noteworthy achievements including the work of individuals or groups committed to elephant protection & conservation.

Gardeners of Eden, Village Beat

Elephant Micro-Movie (under 5 minutes)
Awarded to the PSA, music video, media artwork or advocacy film that most effectively communicates an appreciation or understanding of elephants or elephant conservation. Limited to media 5 minutes in length or less.

War of Space, Mays Entertainment

People & Elephants
Awarded to the film that most effectively conveys the complex relationship between elephants and humans.

Naledi: Every Elephant Counts, Vulcan Productions in association with Off the Fence

Science & Elephants
Awarded to the film that most effectively demonstrates the impact of science and technology on understanding elephants and advancing elephant conservation.

Minds of Giants, Vulcan Productions & Off the Fence

Special Consideration to: Mike Birkhead Associates

IEFF would also like to acknowledge Echo, the Elephants of Amboseli - the researchers who studied her family and the filmmakers who told their story forever changed how the world would see these remarkable animals. says very well done to all winners, with special congratulations to members Afriscreen Films & Ammonite for their very well-deserved wins! When congratulated on Twitter, Afriscreen said "The elephants deserve it!" - We say, so true.

Winners were announced at a high level event marking the global celebration of World Wildlife Day at UN Headquarters in New York on 3 March 2016. Winning and finalist films will be showcased extensively throughout the world, through local screening events and broadcasts.

“These amazing films speak eloquently to the importance of saving elephants while are still able to do so,” said Jackson Hole Festival’s Executive Director, Lisa Samford. “We’re eager to partner with organizations around the world to raise local awareness and engagement through free public screenings and events.”

Samford drew particular attention to the decades-long anthology documenting Echo, the matriarch of Amboseli and her family, noting that the researchers who studied this herd and the filmmakers who told their story forever changed how the world would see wild African elephants.

The organizers are particularly grateful to the final judges for their commitment of time:

  • Inger Anderson, Director General of International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • Ian Craig, Director of Conservation, Northern Rangelands Trust, Kenya
  • Bingbing Li, Actress, Singer and Conservationist, China
  • Edna Molewa, Minister of Environmental Affairs, Republic of South Africa
  • Catherine Novelli, Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment, United States
  • John E. Scanlon, Secretary General of CITES

For more information, please visit:

See a video of the event here:–-the-future-of-wildlife-is-in-our-hands/4785064018001?term=2016-03-03

See the full feature here...

Brock Initiative


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BWPA 2016 - Wildlife in HD Video Category Deadline 22nd May!

The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016 photo call for entries closed on the 30th of April, but the HD Video Category is still open, until the 22nd of May! So, there's still time to get out there and capture some award-winning shots of British Wildlife!! :)

The awards recognise the talents of photographers and film-makers practising in Britain whilst also highlighting the great wealth and diversity of British natural history. A celebration of British wildlife as well as a showcase for photographers and videographers, both amateur and professional.

There are fifteen separate categories including animal behaviour, urban wildlife, habitat, animal portraits, marine life, the hidden secret world that lies in the undergrowth and a special award for Wildlife in HD Video. Also two junior categories - to encourage young people to connect with nature through photography.

Thanks to Sky and Canon there's amazing prizes; a Sky TV package for a year, a HD TV and a Canon XA-30 Professional Camcorder.

Be inspired by the winners in 2015!!

BWPA Highlights 2015 from BWPAwards

2015 WILDLIFE IN HD VIDEO WINNER: The Last Seahorse in Studland by member Andy Jackson, Written & Narrated by Jacky Daley.

Read the full call here...

Wild Pages


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2016 Science Media Awards - Open for submissions! 


From the infinitesimal to the infinite, science plays a profound role in our daily lives in ways we can scarcely imagine! In the fall of 2016, we will celebrate outstanding media that best conveys the wonders of science to public audiences, at the Science Media Awards & Symposium (SMASH16), presented in partnership with WGBH in Boston, September 20-22, 2016.

The Grand Helix Award

This award goes to the single film or media project that best exemplifies excellence in the art of inspired scientific storytelling. Each film entered into competition will be considered for this prestigious recognition.

Call for Entry Opened March 1 | Call for Entry Closes June 1 | Extended Deadline June 15 | Finalists Announced August 1 | Winners announced September 21

2016 Science Media Awards - Call for Entry Trailer from Jackson Hole WILD

See the categories and enter your film here:

Apply to be a Science Media Awards preliminary judge!
Visit: Deadline: May 15


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Discover the Wilderness of the UAE - A promo with MUSIC by Morten Gildberg

"Discover the Wilderness of the UAE" is a 3 film Natural History Documentary mini-series about the UAE's wildlife and conservation, featuring mountain, desert and marine life. The production is supported by Emirates Airline, and I will compose the music for the series. Here is a short promo clip. Enjoy! Produced by Wild Planet Productions MUSIC by Morten Gildberg.

Discover the Wilderness of the UAE from MUSIC by Morten Gildberg


So You Want to Be a WIldlifre Photographer?


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Support To Catch a Macaw with Angela Prochilo & César Leite

A film by Angela Prochilo about biologist Erica Pacífico and her brave efforts to protect the Lear's Macaw in Brazil. César Leite is the cameraman and fixer.

To protect these rare endangered birds facing threats such as poaching and habitat loss, Erica and her team will go on a challenging mission to microchip Lear's Macaw chicks living high up on sandstone cliffs in Northeast Brazil. Working conditions are extreme and the timing for this expedition is critical - they must get to the chicks before they fledge the nests. Her mission is crucial to better understand the species’ biology, behaviour and environmental needs. This valuable knowledge can steer conservation efforts in the right direction to ensure the safety of their natural habitat and protect them from harm. Heroic conservation stories like Erica's deserve to be told. With your help, we can make this documentary possible!

To Catch A Macaw - Fundraising Video from Angela P.

Read more and support here:

REVOLUTION - The movie


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Ménigoute Festival 2016 - Call for entries!

Dear producers, We are pleased to remind you that the 32nd Festival of Ménigoute will take place from 27 October to 1st November 2016 and that the deadline is 1st May 2016.

We will welcome all your propositions of documentaries where the wild animals are starring (birds, mammals, fish, insects…) providing they won’t have been screened before in another French event. There is no entry fee.

You will find on our website the rules to be observed and the entry forms to be completed and to send us along with the DVD of the films submitted.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further detail.

Best regards, Adeline Louvet
Responsible international relations
Tél.+33(0)5 49 69 90 09


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Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam 2016 - Call for Entries Open

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam is now open for entries.

The Netherlands' main wildlife film festival will be held in the city centre of Rotterdam from 27 - 30 October 2016.

We screen movies with a central focus on the natural world, but also critical and informative offerings on the environment and sustainability. We would like to invite both professional and non-professional filmmakers from anywhere in the world to participate. The competition is free of fees.

Please visit our website for the submission form. Closing date: May 1st 2016
Films will be awarded by a Jury as well as by the public during the festival.


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14th Matsalu Nature Film Festival Call for Entries Open!

The 14th Matsalu Nature Film Festival CALL FOR ENTRIES IS NOW OPEN!

Deadline June 1st.

The festival will take place from 21st-25th September, 2016 in Lihula, Haapsalu and Tallinn, Estonia.

Submit Online:

See the list of 2015 Winners here:

Environmental Investigation Agency


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Two members win at the Rainforest Partnership’s Films for the Forest Festival!

Films for the Forest is an annual international short film contest created by Rainforest Partnership. Winning films are screened as a part of SXSW Film Festival Community Film Screenings.

This year, two members won awards in the 'Shorts: Films Under 40 Minutes' category!

1st Place went to Paul Redman, director of Hope - Indonesia’s Dayak Iban.

HOPE from Films for the Forest

and 2nd Place went to Leo Plunkett of EIA International, director of Ulin.

ULIN from Films for the Forest

BIG congratulations to both from us!! :)

Full list of winners here:

Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future


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Welcome to our new full members from March!

Richard Brooks - An experienced Underwater Cameraman, Photographer and UAV pilot based in Palau. Pre/Post Production, stock and fixing services offered via Lightning Strike Media Productions.

Matthew Leiper - A recent graduate of the University of Salford with a Masters Degree in Wildlife Documentary Production. He has experience behind both the camera and the keyboard for filming and editing roles respectively and has talent as a narrator too!

Dave Tarvit - An experienced camera operator/producer based in Perthshire, Scotland.

There's basic FREE membership for all here or for a much more comprehensive listing, Profile Page and additional benefits, become a full member: or

Filmmakers For Conservation

Production Gear

See 'Kit For Sale' for items from members/subscribers!


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