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Wildeye Introduction to Wildlife Film-making Course

Wildscreen festival 2014


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Fancy being a Wildlife Film-maker? There's places available on Wildeye's Introduction to Wildlife Film-making Course, 8-10 Aug!

These weekends, in the heart of Norfolk, provide a unique hands-on introduction to wildlife film-making. The sessions cover all aspects of wildlife film-making with opportunities for practical filming work as well as advice about how to get started and what equipment to use. This course is the perfect start for those wishing to work in the wildlife film-making industry, whether as a camera operator, producer, researcher, script-writer, presenter and so on. It is also suitable for those wishing to pursue wildlife film-making as a fascinating hobby.

Professional wildlife film-makers with a wide range of experience will be your guides and tutors throughout the weekend. You will find it a fun and valuable experience, and will enjoy mixing with other people enthused by wildlife films. The location is Whitwell Hall Country Centre in the centre of Norfolk, UK with part of the practical work at Pensthorpe (former hosts of BBC Springwatch). Accommodation is shared rooms (or there are nearby bed and breakfasts/hotels if you prefer), and there will be excellent home-cooked food.

No experience or equipment is required, but it is recommended you bring your camcorder and tripod if you have one.

Booking: If the home page shows that there are places available for the course of your choice - please complete the online application form and send in the deposit as detailed.

Also, check out the home page for availability on our Wildlife Camera Operator Course, this Autumn, 31 Oct - 2 Nov 2014


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Nominations for natural history film ‘Oscars’ announced!
By Wildscreen
19th June 2014

Today, Thursday 19 June, the nominations for the bi-annual international wildlife TV and film awards have been announced.

Wildscreen’s prestigious Panda Awards received 488 entries from 42 countries, representing the very best in creativity, technological innovation and storytelling from across the industry.

Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive
David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive

Over 30 UK-made wildlife programmes have made the shortlist across 22 different categories. David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive (Colossus Productions) is shortlisted for awards in six categories acknowledging the series’ musical score, accessibility for younger viewers and technological innovation.

Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero (BBC, BBC Worldwide, Science Channel and Glassbox Productions), Chimpanzee (Disneynature) and Leopards: 21st Century Cats (Icon Films for BBC) have also been shortlisted in multiple categories.


The Panda Awards – dubbed the ‘Green Oscars’ – forms the centrepiece of the Wildscreen Film Festival which celebrates the very best in natural history film making and takes place in Bristol, England from 19-24 October. The awards ceremony will be held on Thursday 23 October.

The shortlisted films represent some of the best international wildlife films this year with other nominations including the USA’s Mysteries of the Unseen World (National Geographic Entertainment), Kenya’s Lion Guardians (Kire Godal for Lion Guardians), Australia’s Sea Eagle (Mint Productions), and New Zealand’s The Last Ocean (Fisheye Films Ltd) amongst entries from as far afield as Japan, Switzerland, Canada and South Africa.

Read more and see the full list here...

Congratulations to members Silverback Films, Humble Bee Films, Brian Leith Productions, Table Mountain Films, Verity White/Five Films, Chris Watson (sound for Enchanted Kingdom), Alex Jones/Wildlife Film Productions and Tom Mustill (director on The Bat Man of Mexico) for their finalist films! :)


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Wildscreen Festival 2014 Earlybird Tickets on sale now!

We are delighted to announce that passes are now on sale for the Wildscreen Film Festival 2014! Early bird and concession delegate passes are available here, so get them while they're hot. Once you've bought your pass you will also be able to purchase your ticket to the glittering Panda Awards!

We have also unveiled a selection from our spectacular range of workshops for 2014! Whether you're a beginner or a pro, there's something for everyone. You can view the current list of 2014 workshops and buy tickets now.


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'Wildlife filming: What producers should know', by Wildeye principal, Piers Warren

So, you need some wildlife sequences for your production but don’t know where to start? Don’t panic! There are numerous professionals out there who can help you. The first thing to bear in mind is that filming wildlife on location is a specialist activity.

Many of the best wildlife camera operators are freelance and spend their entire careers purely filming wildlife. Many of them develop specialities within the genre – such as high speed filming (for slow-motion footage), time lapse, macro and aerials. All these techniques are often used while filming wildlife.

To get the best results in the shortest space of time you’ll be better off employing an experienced wildlife camera specialist. There are many to choose from, and from all corners of the earth. If you need some film of lions in Kenya, for example, your best option may well be to employ a camera operator who is already based and operating in Kenya. They are likely to already own the equipment required and will know exactly where to go to find and film the required wildlife quickly. This can save you a lot of money flying people and equipment all over the world.

There are various ways to find the right crew: online directories such as Wildlife-Film or The International Association of Wildlife Film-makers, as well as printed guides such as Wild Pages (The Wildlife Film-makers Resource Guide).

Read the full article, including many top tips and a focus on ethics, on

Learn from the great man himself, by joining the Introduction to Wildlife Film-making Course, 8-10 August! See above.

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Wildlife Film job based at WWT Welney – Media Production Officer - Great Ouse Wetland Project.

WWT is seeking an enthusiastic videographer to join our team, producing a series of engaging short wildlife videos, depicting the story of a year in the life of a stunning wetland region. Our ideal candidate will be a persuasive and engaging communicator, very interested in wildlife and happy to work around its schedules, and will have good news & media sense. Based at Welney in Norfolk, the person will be able to work independently with loads of initiative, with guidance and support from a main team at WWT HQ at Slimbridge and local staff at WWT Welney. This post is within the Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Find out more here:


Wild Pages


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Wild Canada by member Brian Leith Productions to air on Eden Channel, July the 9th!

A look at Canada's beautiful scenery and wildlife where we see humpback whales feeding on schools of capelin, travel from the Pacific temperate forests to the snow-dusted peaks of the Rocky Mountains, meet beaver in the boreal forest and see polar bear cubs discovering ice for the first time. Produced with award-winning filmmakers Jeff and Sue Turner (River Road Films, Vancouver) for CBC Canada, where it premiered on March 13th ( and Terra Mater. Also working on the series are award-winning Producer/Directors Phil Chapman (‘Wild China’) and Sacha Mirzoeff, and Assistant Producer and Director, Ben Wallis. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough. 

Sneak Preview - Wild Canada from

Played out in four, back-to-back episodes, from 8pm on July the 9th.
Vist & for more!

British Wildlife Photography Awards


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Wildlife Film-maker, Bob Campbell dies

"It was with great sadness that we heard of the passing of Bob Campbell on 12 June. One of our ‘Africa’s Big Five’, Bob was a gentleman in every way, modest and unassuming. We shall miss his reassuring presence and treasure the memory of his visit to our office to be interviewed for Wild Film History. Our thoughts and deep sympathy go out to Heather." Jean Hartley, Viewfinders


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Wildlife Film-maker, Adrian Luckhurst, shot in Kenya

Adrian Luckhurst, known for his work on Africa: The Serengeti(1994), The Blood of the Rose(2009) and Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom (2002), has been viciously attached at his home in Kenya. His wife, Vicky, was thankfully unharmed. We understand that Adrian is out of danger but seriously injured with lasting consequences. We send him him and his family all best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Read more here:

Brock Initiative


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New broadcaster member AnimalBytesTV's call for content!

AnimalBytesTV are looking for producers that might be interested in us distributing their work on their new network! They launch this week, on Tuesday the 2nd of July 2014, and have weekly series being produced from wildlife experts from around the globe, but they are looking for wildlife documentaries for each Sunday... Email: Website:

AnimalBytesTV is the first independent animal network produced by animal lovers for animal lovers. AnimalBytesTV is a network of entertaining and educational shows produce by people that live and breath wildlife each and everyday of their lives. Each show is filmed, produced and edited by animal lovers, so there’s no pressure from network executives to have overly sensational shows just for ratings. Our mission is to bring you along on our journey to the wild side. Whether it’s wrangling reptiles or playing with big cats, we’ll welcome you into our lives and see what it’s like to get up and close to a wide array of amazing creatures . Conversation is a large part of the goal here at AnimalBytesTV and we’ll make sure to highlight the topics that effect animals around the globe. So check back each weekday for new videos and remember to keep that passion for wildlife!

AnimalBytesTV Hatching Soon from SnakeBytesTV

Member The Adventurer – Alex Jones is getting involved, so why not join him and get your films broadcast on AnimalBytesTV!? See: for more!

Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future


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Please support member Abbie Barnes on her fund-raising mission, as she heads to Africa for the first time!

It's official - IM GOING TO AFRICA!! I've been offered a life-changing opportunity, but boy is it going to be a challenge. Commissioned by PATT (Plant a Tree Today), I've been assigned the role of producing a 3-part series following a 7 day climb up Kilimanjaro. The group includes a number of internationally renowned wildlife conservationists each seeking to raise awareness about global climate change. Funds donated to PATT go directly towards environmental education and planting trees directly in Kilimanjaro National Park and Dubai. But I need your help! With under 30 days to go, I need to raise a final £600 to fund some final camera equipment - GoPros, camera cases, SD cards, batteries - basic equipment that will really allow this project to be the very best that it can be. Please please please click the link below to find out how to can become a part of our story, and help spread the message about global climate change. Thank you, and please share! Abbie


Expedition 'Climb For Change!' - Kilimanjaro Documentary from Abbie Barnes | Song Thrush Productions



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Requiem for Kevin from member Patrick Rouxel

Thank you to all of you who have made a donation for this project and who continue to do so. Your help is greatly appreciated and still needed to be able to pay the final bills. The construction of the main enclosure’s wall is now in its finishing stages, another few days are needed to finish the plastering of the wall and the making of a pool for the bears to enjoy when it gets too hot. Then there is still quite a lot of work needed to put up the wires for the electric fencing and to get the electric system up and running. Unfortunately, I have very sad news: Kevin, the big strong male sun bear we see on all the videos of the project, died on May 11th. He was gone in less than 24 hours from showing the first clinical symptoms. Acute necrotic pancreatitis it seems, there was nothing we could do.... After a life behind bars, Kevin died just a few weeks before being able to enjoy a bit of forest and some space. Fate is so unfair sometimes. At least the girls, Desi and Hilda are doing well. The enclosure will be for the two of them now.

Here is a short video to honour Kevin’s memory:

Requiem for Kevin - VA from Rouxel Patrick


Environmental Investigation Agency


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Satao – a legend by wildlife film-maker Mark Deeble

When I last wrote about Satao, I felt that I couldn’t use his name. I could refer to him only as a ‘magnificent tusker’ or an ‘iconic Tsavo bull’. I feared that naming him would risk revealing where he lived. Now that I can use it, I wish that that I couldn’t.

On the 30th May, poachers finally caught up with Satao. An arrow smeared with Acokanthera poison hit him in his left flank and penetrated his body cavity. It travelled right through to his vital organs. To begin with, he might have run, to get deeper inside the park, where he felt safe. Running would have made the poison work faster. He didn’t get very far. Eventually he stood still in open ground, not a mile from the park boundary – with the potent cardio-toxin coursing through him. Without any cover to hide his tusks, he’d have felt exposed and vulnerable. He would have stayed on his feet as long as he could. When the end came, it was probably quick. He collapsed, his legs splayed out – slumped in the macabre likeness of a sleeping puppy. He never got to his feet again. I hope he died before the poachers got to him.

Read more here:

Filmmakers For Conservation


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Welcome new full members of June!

Take your shoes off Productions – An independent film company based in Sweden and Norway, making films to inspire people to get up, go outside and explore. Founded by Grethe Hillersöy and Tony Meyer in 2013.

AnimalBytesTV – The first online animal network produced for animal lovers by animal lovers. With weekly shows produced by animal and wildlife experts from around the globe.

Nature TTL – A free resource for nature photographers looking to improve their technique and get closer to the perfect shot from Will Nicholls.

There's basic FREE membership for all here or for a much more comprehensive listing and additional benefits, become a full member: or

Production Gear

See 'Kit For Sale' for items from members/subscribers!

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