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Leeds Beckett University - Wildlife Filmmaking Workshop 2015


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New Wildeye course dates for 2015 Announced!

Wildeye was born in the 1990s when founder Piers Warren realised the need for independent education and information for wildlife and conservation film-makers, whether professional, amateur or newcomers. An early project was the development of, and this newsletter, which remains today the world's leading source of information about the wildlife film-making industry, Google's no. 1 ranking website for 'wildlife film' and many other related searches. Wildeye's core activity, however, soon became the educational opportunities in the form of short specialist courses in Norfolk, UK, and longer overseas opportunites. We have now had many hundreds of students on our courses from all over the world and are thrilled to hear of those that are now accomplished in the industry, award-winners, or simply making better wildlife films for their own enjoyment. We have always had a strong focus on conservation and the desire to use film as a tool to help conserve our natural world.

Read So you want to be a Wildlife Film-maker? Find out more from the Homepage and click on the individual course links to find full details on each course. Sign up to Wildeye Bulletins for news of future courses (top left on the homepage).

Experiments in high speed photography/slow motion on Wildeye's Wildlife Camera Operator Course in November 2014. Photron BC2 camera kindly supplied by Slowmo High Speed Camera Hire, operated by Simon Lewis and the students:

Slowmo Fun with Wildeye - November 2014 from Wildeye

Brock Initiative


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Now you see it, now you don’t. by Richard Brock

I have this vision of sometime in the future (when?) millions of people around the world will be gazing at apparently limitless wildlife on their TVs (4K plus? How much further will it go?), with amazing sound, on huge screens and in personal home cinemas. Meanwhile the rest of the planet is more or less devoid of wild, wildlife and wild, wild places.

Disney will be using entirely tame or captive animals – yet more polar bear cubs in zoos (see Frozen Planet). “Intrepid” cameramen will venture into the last remnants of wilderness and bring back unique (the last?) immaculate glimpses of endangered species and habitats – as seen at the end of each still-amazing but predictable, hugely expensive, and, most importantly, totally misleading content about the real wild world that survives, just beyond those millions of super-duper screens.

Why can’t they really show, and tell, the truth? And they need to do that much sooner than anytime later.

Imagine how surprised the viewers will be when they do find that there’s nothing left.

Contact Richard with your comment:


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Is Dubai Doomed? Update. from Richard Brock

Between now (December 1st to 12th) and soon then next U.N. major conference on Climate Change will take place in Lima, Peru. The Climate crunch is due to happen in Paris at the end of next year, 2015.

If you want to see the way the planet is going, watch, and listen to, the very latest update in Is Dubai Doomed? (two versions: 8 mins and 43 mins). All the warnings are there – Climate Change, pollution, rampant greed and consumerism, and especially Sea Level Rise.

Will those famous man-made islands like the Palm Jumeirah and The World disappear beneath the waves, as is happening now around the planet? Doom indeed for not only Dubai, but the real world we all share.

Or could there be a more happy ending?

Is Dubai Doomed? Trailer & Update from brockinitiative

Wild Pages


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Virunga: The Movie Available on Netflicks Now!

In the forested depths of eastern Congo lies Virunga National Park, one of the most bio-diverse places in the world and home to the last of the mountain gorillas. In this wild, but enchanted environment, a small and embattled team of park rangers - including a carer of orphan gorillas and a Belgian conservationist - protect this UNESCO world heritage site from armed militia, poachers and the dark forces struggling to control Congo's rich natural resources. When the newly formed M23 rebel group declares war in May 2012, a new conflict threatens the lives and stability of everyone and everything they've worked so hard to protect. Virunga is the incredible true story of a group of brave people risking their lives to build a better future in a part of Africa the world’s forgotten and a gripping exposé of the realities of life in the Congo.

Virunga - Main Trailer - Netflix [HD] from Netflix

Watch the film here: Like: Follow: @virungamovie


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The BBC Life Story story - Filming Techniques!
By Caragh Salisbury - Digital Producer at BBC Earth
25 November 2014

BBC Life Story is a landmark 6-part TV series, currently available on the BBC iPlayer. Presented by David Attenborough, it tells the remarkable and often perilous story of the journey through life.

This is the first series that the BBC Natural History Unit has shot in Ultra High Definition (4k). The quality of the images is much higher with 4k because it captures four times as much information and detail. This has the effect of bringing the viewer closer to, and more in to, the animal’s world. The detail is not just for fun - it actually brings you closer to, and more in to, the animal’s world, because a lot of this is about seeing the lives of these animals on their faces and in their eyes.

The Life Story team spent 1900 days filming the series, in 29 countries across six continents. They travelled a total of 1,850,798 miles – the equivalent of circling the globe 78 times. They recorded a total of 1800 hours of footage – that’s 300 terabytes of data, or the equivalent of 64,000 DVD’s.

Here are some of the filming techniques used in production:

Filming Meerkats - Photo by Sophie Lanfear
Filming Meerkats - Photo by member Sophie Lanfear

Spectacular steadicam moments: Meerkats, Kangaroos and Fur Seals

New filming techniques with the steadicam reveal to viewers the animal’s view of what is happening for the first time. In this instance, the steadicam was used to film a meerkat's view of an encounter with a cobra.

Clip of Meerkats mobbing a Cobra

Read the full feature here...


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The 2nd annual New York WILD Film Festival is coming to the Explorers Club January 30-31, 2015.

We are delighted to have almost 200 entries for NY WILD. The jury has been hard at work screening so many exceptional films. Selecting the winners will be very challenging but we guarantee another dynamic program for 2015!

NY WILD will announce the program and tickets will go on sale mid December. Check the WEBSITE for announcements and upcoming newsletters as the 2014 festival was a sell out. You don't want to miss NY WILD January 30-31, 2015!

Nancy Rosenthal
Founder & Executive Director
New York WILD Film Festival

New York Wild Film Festival Trailer 2014 from Nancy Rosenthal


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NaturVision Film Festival Open Call for Entries!

Be it epic nature films, small filmic gems, surprises from newcomers, films for children, unusually told stories, critical and informative documentaries on the environment and sustainability, or films with their own unique score – the NaturVision Film Festival thrives on filmic variety and an exciting competition!

We are therefore very much looking forward to your film submissions for our 2015 Festival, which will be held in Ludwigsburg, Germany, from 23 – 26 July. The closing date for entries is 13 March 2015!

Ralph Thoms
NaturVision Filmfestival
Earth-Vision UG
Hermann-Hagenmeyer-Straße 1
71636 Ludwigsburg
Fon: 07141-99 22 48-0
Fax: 07141- 99 22 48-13


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Our Fight from member Paul Redman/Handcrafted Films

This film follows the aftermath of the murders of four indigenous leaders and activists including Edwin Chota. Through their widows and friends we learn about their on going fight for land titling. This story is one of many examples of Indigenous Peoples defending the forest and paying the ultimate sacrifice. It is released in conjunction with a new report from Global Witness, Peru's Deadly Environment. You can find other short films on a similar issue at If Not Us Then Who: The films are a culmination of more than two years of participatory filming by Handcrafted Films. From Indonesia to Peru, we have been working with local partners to articulate individual stories through film. Using the powerful visuals they are now organising a global roadshow in the lead up to COP21 in Paris. Our aim is to draw attention to the wider issue of deforestation, community-based solutions and ultimately to put pressure on governments and their commitment to slow climate change.

Our Fight from Handcrafted Films



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Abbie Barnes's Advent in a Tent!

Join Abbie Barnes this Christmas on the Advent In A Tent challenge! Follow her daily v-logs as she camps out each night throughout December, monitoring her ecological footprint. Will you take up the challenge to camp in your garden for just one night, to show your support for climate action?

Official Advent In A Tent Trailer from Song Thrush Productions | Abbie Barnes

Visit: Stay up-to-date by liking the Advent In A Tent Facebook Page:

Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future


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Member Max Moller finds Platypus Fame! :)

Max's platypus footage has caused quite a stir around the world, with much online buzz about his recent rare capture. The Dodo even did a feature: It Took 7 Years To Capture This Extremely Rare Footage Of A Duck-Billed Platypus.

The Platypus Journey from Black Devil Productions

And for a masterclass in networking, check out this brilliant Platypus-themed award that Max presented to David Attenborough at the Wildscreen Festival!!

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Sea to Summit: One Man's Pleasure in Scotland's Wildlife By member Derek B McGinn

This selection of images of creatures to be seen in Scotland, is the product of the author's enthusiasm for his native country's wild places and the things that live there. Compiled from images collected over a dozen years since his retirement from the world of education the text outlines his belief that in this digital age, through publication of their photographic work, many amateurs like himself can help introduce and inform people in Scotland, and visitors from abroad, about the natural world that lies in many cases not far from their doorsteps His particular interest in species such as mountain hare, ptarmigan and snow bunting give a clue as to his favourite places in Scotland and his photograpic images of these species have seldom been bettered. His love of the high ground is apparent too from the number of the plants illustrated which belong to the moorlands and hills. His fascination with the shorelands is well ilustrated in his images of shorebirds, from those to be found wading in sandy places to those that cling to the cliffs of Scotland's well known seabird colonies. The accompanying audio CD does not duplicate the book's contents but provides a complementary description of Scottish habitats through twelve sound pictures or 'soundscapes' mixed from recordings made from the Atlantic to the North Sea. Particulary atmospheric are the tracks of corncrakes calling all around the stereo picture on the outer island of Barra or the "chorus" of Roe Deer barking in a Strathspey woodland. Neither the book nor CD are exhaustive in their selection of images and sounds leaving many more species for the nature watcher, and listener to seek out inspired by this unique collection of images and sounds from the Scottish landscape. And for the visitor from far away here is an ideal, compact distillation of some of Scotland's beautiful wildlife to take home and through which to recall so much of what makes Scotland and its wildlife special. Available at &

Environmental Investigation Agency


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Phantom Cameras for hire at super competitive rates from new member CTL Films

Crossing The Line Productions have a Phantom Flex 2k and a Phantom HD Gold slow motion camera available at super competitive rates for natural history work. They'll ship the cameras anywhere. So if you ever need a slow motion camera get in touch!



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AMIRA with EF Lenses now available from VMI

The release of the EF mount for AMIRA means that we can now supply AMIRA with EOS DSLR zooms & primes. Clearly, the performance and mechanics of DSLR lenses differs from PL film lenses but now you have a really wide choice of packages and lenses.

AMIRA packages with EF, PL & B4 lenses at

Filmmakers For Conservation



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Another bumper month for new full members... Welcome to all who joined us in November!

Crossing the Line Productions - An Irish multi-award-winning production company specialising in travel, adventure, wildlife and historical documentaries.

Smithsonian Channel - A joint venture, Smithsonian Channel combines the storytelling prowess of Showtime Networks with the unmatched resources and rich traditions of the Smithsonian Institution. Creating award-winning programming that shines new light on popular genres such as: air and space, history, science, nature, and pop culture.

Sunny Side of the Doc - An international factual and doc market, that brings together broadcasters, distributors and producers to buy programmes, and to find partners.

Festival International du Film Animalier (FIFA) - An International Wildlife Film Festival, of the best professional and amateur wildlife documentaries, held annually in Albert, France.

Red Six Ltd - Andrew Wilson is a Film and TV Re-Recording mixer working either from his own purpose-built mixing facility based at Real World Studios near Bath or freelance from the facility of your choice.

Primate Planet Productions - A UK Indie based in Dorset, best known for producingMonkey Life, which documents the work of Monkey World - Ape Rescue Centre. Specialising in factual documentaries spanning science, natural history, observational documentary, factual entertainment, current affairs and history genres.

WildBear Entertainment - An Australian integrated factual entertainment company, a broad-based production business working across television, theatrical, corporate, educational, and government communications.

Aveling Films - Specialising in short, well-targeted films to help enterprises connect with their audience or individuals capture an event. With Tom Aveling's specialist expertise in wildlife conservancies.

Patrick Franke - All about acoustic media: From sound recording, sound installation, sound design to sound walks, with an emphasis on animal and nature sounds.

Alex Gunn - Camera operator & assistant and all round handy man based in London. Over 3 years experience working the Natural History, drama and corporate scene.

Luke Saddler - Camera Operator with a marine science background. Filming in both marine and terrestrial environment. Experienced drone pilot.

Javi Lopez - A Spanish sound recordist currently located in Southampton (UK).

Nick Wright - Bit of a one-man-band, but very experienced from start to finish. Excellent local knowledge (Dorset, Hants, Wilts) but good experience across UK, Scotland, Cornwall, Ireland. Long lens and Macro a speciality, and birds, hares, insects and plants favourite.

Tracey Clark - A passionate Stills Wildlife Photographer with a keen interest in natural history and a passion for wildlife, conservation and adventure.

Phillip Grandfield - A passionate Stills Wildlife Photographer with a keen interest in wildlife, conservation and adventure.

Hannah Hoare - A freelance producer/director, writer & edit producer with experience in a variety of wildlife programme styles including blue chip natural history, presenter-led films, animal & people documentaries, short films and fast-paced & funny docusoaps.

Timothy Wilson - A composer and producer of music for film, television and concert performance.

Mark Fletcher - A wildlife film editor and writer for over 25 years, working with most of the leading wildlife filmmakers, as well as making his own films. Films he has produced, edited or written have won well over 20 Emmys, and many other awards. He has a cutting room in Wiltshire, but works anywhere!

Xinyang Hong - A producer looking for weekend jobs, part-time local work (Oxford, UK) to build her portfolio. Photo or video; studio or field, she can do anything!

Ricardo Guerreiro - A natural history filmmaker/photographer based in Portugal. Available to work (in Portugal or abroad) as a cameraman, editor, field researcher and a production stills photographer.

Arne Naevra - A Producer at Naturbilder.

Matt Norman - Experienced, efficient and highly creative media composer working mostly in television and film.

Myke Clarkson - A Producer, Wildlife Film Maker, Wildlife Photographer, Herpetoculturalist, Online Radio Personality, Field Herper, Eco-tour/safari guide, author and conservationist.

David Hamlin - A freelance Producer/Director, based in Washington DC, USA.

Adam Schmedes - A Director/Producer/Camera Operator at Loke Film.

Luy La Wych - A budding film-maker, composer and photographer, currently studying Wildlife Media in Cumbria.

Kilian Helmbrecht - A young and very enthusiastic German camera assistant, with experience in Yellowstone and Borneo, now looking for any further chance to gain experience.

Vinay Datla - An engineer, cinematographer, researcher and a recent graduate from BBC NHU's Masters in Wildlife Film Making, available to share your passion for research, development, cinematography and technical co-ordination.

Dominic Davies - Camera Operator/Trainee Camera Assistant with experience capturing footage for WWT's Martin Mere Centre in Lancashire - Wildlife Weekly.

Simon Goodall - In-house natural history and conservation short-film producer and video editor for the National Trust for Scotland.

There's basic FREE membership for all here or for a much more comprehensive listing, Profile Page and additional benefits, become a full member: or

There's basic FREE membership for all here or for a much more comprehensive listing, Profile Page and additional benefits, become a full member: or

Wildscreen Festival 2014

Production Gear

See 'Kit For Sale' for items from members/subscribers!

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